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Brunet Island State Park Trails

Six trails rangning from 3/4 to 4.3 miles in length. The Jean Brunet nature trails is a 3/4 mile self-guided trail on the north part of the island. Cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, birding and snowshoeing trails.

The landscape in Chippewa County is a product of the most recent Ice Age with the rolling terrain carrying a wide variety of forest types and is home to a multitude of wildlife. The Fisher River comes in from the north and its bays and lagoons are good places to see beaver, mink, herons, and deer. The park's eight miles of hiking trails take you into different birding habitats. Hike the wetlands along the river to find Hermit Thrushes, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Common Yellowthroats, Nashville Warblers, White-throated sparrows and Northern Parula Warblers like the wooded areas. The bays surrounding the islands on the river hold Great Blue Herons, Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Blue-winged teal.